Implement the Right Controller for Every Application

Implement the Right Controller for Every Application

The key to motion control is precision. The expectation is that a well-programmed motion system will provide repeatable, reliable outcome. And that’s true; the flip side is that the best motion control architecture exists within a plant ecosystem, and building that interconnected system is the first step to success.

This eBook takes you through that entire process. We’ll start with the Top 10 things to know about motion control, which includes a reminder about just how important it is to plan your motion controls strategy—including the components such as motors and drives–before it is ever connected.

We’ll also look at some of the overviews of control products and take a deep dive into two very different applications—a modern-day issue on how best to sanitize work boots to ensure worker safety, and a craft brewery where system control is critical to keep the brewmaster in touch with his product at all times.

We’ll finish with a chance for you to apply all the lessons you’ve learned up until then. An interactive configurator from Siemens will show you the steps you need—and the questions you need to answer—to develop a customized control system that meets your needs. This exercise will demonstrate that when it comes to control, it’s the operator who first has to be in control.


What’s Inside


Top 10 Things to Know About Motion Controllers


Case Study: Digitalization Helps Craft Breweries Establish a Competitive Edge


Case Study: OEM Builds Game-Changing Food Safety Solution with Siemens Components


Take Control of the Future: Implement Innovative Applications with SIMATIC Controllers


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