Technology’s Need for Speed

Technology’s Need for Speed

At its simplest level, aerospace is just another technology application. Solutions such as 3D printing, generative design, sensors and artificial intelligence aren’t limited by the system to which they are applied.

For aerospace, however, there are certain realities to the outcome of such applications. For the military, such technologies have to work under rigorous conditions, they must be secure and they must stay ahead of the technology applications of their enemies. It is a dangerous world and technology can be a weapon as well as a solution.

For the less onerous aerospace applications, the outcome is no less serious. In commercial transportation, the success of any flight relies on the absolute security of the entire system. Integrating new technologies into existing aerospace applications is just as challenging as in any other industry. Of course, few other industries use their technology while traveling six miles off the ground at 500 mph.

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So perhaps it is surprising that aerospace was among the earliest adopters of advanced manufacturing technologies. The need for strong, lightweight and precise materials is every bit as important as the need for speed. The aerospace industry recognized the potential early on, and has developed new sensors, advanced the use of metals for 3D printing and incorporated robust design and testing technologies into the research and development. And as you will see in this eBook, that work continues to rocket forward.

Aerospace technology has pointed the way toward more earthbound uses while never taking its eyes off the horizon. The quest for improvement is still out there, and the disruptive forces that have led to the technology gains of the present also show us the great potential still ahead.


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